35hp Hydrostatic


Model 3515H

Manufacturer Branson Tractors

Price: $25800

No Downtime Policy


Branson Tractors designed their midsize tractors with rugged, dependability in mind.


Compact Design with multiple Horsepower Options: 30, 35, 40, and 48

3 Range/4 Speed with Shuttle Transmissions

Hydro-Max with Auto Throttle Acceleration

High Capacity Loader with Skid Steer Attach Bucket (standard) 2200 lb Capacity at Full Height of 104 inches

Specifications For Model : 3515H



Engine Model Branson A1700N2 IDI
Aspiration Natural
Emissions Standards Tier 4
Engine Gross Power 35 hp (26.2 kW)
PTO Power 30 hp (22.5 kW)
No. of Cylinders 3
Displacement 104.5 cu.in (1,714 cc)
Rated Revolution 2600 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.1 gal (27 L)
Air Cleaner Dry Element
Alternator – 12 Volt amp 50


Transmission hst
Forward/Reverse Method hst
4 Wheel Drive 2WD/4WD
No. of Traveling Speeds 3 range
Forward Traveling Speed 18.7 mph (30.2 km/h)
Reverse Traveling Speed 18.7 mph (30.2 km/h)
Clutch No
Brake Wet, Multi-disc
Differential Lock STD
Cruise Control Standard


Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
Total Hydraulic Flow (POWER STEERING+Implement) 12.3
(4.3+8) gpm/
46.8 (16.4+30.4) lpm
Lift Control Type Position
Joystick Valve N/A
Rear Remote (Port) Optional (Up to 4)


3 Point Hitch CAT I
Lift capacity at lift link ends 3,306 lbs (1,500 kg)
3Point Hitch Lift Capacity @24″ behind lift point 2,425 lbs (1,100 kg)


Rear (Mid) PTO Speed 560 RPM
Rear PTO Type Independent
Clutch Wet, Multi-disc


AG Front 8-16
AG Rear 12.4-24
Turf Front
AG Rear
Ind. Front 28×8.50-15
AG Rear 43×16.00-20


Wheelbase 65.7 in (1,670 mm)
Overall Length (W/ 3PT) 120.9 (3,071 mm)
Min.Overall Width 56.3 in (1,430 mm)
Overall Height (W/ ROPS) 97.3 in (2,471 mm)
Ground Clearance (4WD) 14.4 in (366 mm)
Min.Turning Radius (W/ Brake) 7.51 in (2.29 mm)
Weight (W/O Front Weights) 3,163 lbs (1,435 kg)