10' Heavy Duty Dual Spindle Pull Type Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutters

Model 1810P

Manufacturer IronCraft

Price: $10125

Cash Price: $9800

No Downtime Policy

10' Heavy Duty Dual Spindle Pull Type Rotary Cutter 1810P


These Heavy-Duty Dual Spindle Cutters are designed for heavy-duty applications such as weeds, grass, and brush up to 3” diameter. These cutters are designed to work with 42 or 52 minimum hp tractors, and are available in 94” and 117” widths. The cutter uses dual spindles with two free-swinging blades each, which reduce the shock of impact when a stationary object is contacted. A slip clutch and dual shock couplers protect the gearboxes and drivelines from damage. Standard equipment includes driveline shields and clutch shields. Front and rear chain discharge shields are available. Available in lift-type and pull-type models.


  • Heavy Duty

  • Pull Type

  • Dual Spindles

  • Two Tail Wheels

Specifications For Model : 1810P