15' Flexwing Rotary Cutter Heavy Duty

Rotary Cutters

Model 3515-6

Manufacturer IronCraft

Price: $18925

Cash Price: $18350

No Downtime Policy

15' Flexwing Rotary Cutter Heavy Duty 3515-6


The 3515 Cutter is ready to make quick work of your next project. It offers reinforced deck structure from front to rear and side to side of the center deck weldment. ¼” inch wall tubing along the length of the hinges for extra hinge protection. Wing fold hydraulic cylinder mount spans the entire width of the center deck weldment and ties into the cutter deck lift cylinder to achieve maximum structural integrity. Deck rings standard on each deck to ensure bent blades do not damage the structure of the cutter. Heavy 7 Gauge press formed blade pans. Our tooling designer used strategically placed lettering around the pan the reduce the ripple effect commonly seen on competitive models. This allows for greater rotational balance, better cut quality and greater gearbox longevity.


  • Pull Type

  • Heavy Duty

  • Six Tail Wheels

Specifications For Model : 3515-6