Phoenix Flex Wing Finish Mowers

Phoenix Flex Wing Finish Mowers

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FLXM Flex Wing Mowers from Phoenix offer you unsurpassed performance in mowing widths from 12 to 20 feet. Operating ground speeds of up to 10MPH together with superb cut quality mean less time in the field. Wide angle PTO shafts, advanced floating deck/frame linkages, and a combination of fixed and pivoting high flotation wheels give you superb maneuverability and ease of operation even in the most demanding field conditions. Ideally suited for parks, athletic fields, airports, sod farms, golf courses, or other large grassy areas where appearance and quality of cut are critical, these machines will save you time and money year after year. 

Standard Features Include:
 - Extra Heavy Duty Transport Frame W/Easy Adjust Telescoping Wings
 - Double Pivot Floating Hinge Points at Each Deck for Maximum Float and Tracking
 - Hydraulic Locking/Unlocking System with Double Acting Cylinders Standard
 - Cool and Quiet Running Heavy Duty Gearboxes with Integral Oil Level Sight Glasses
 - Series 6 Main PTO Shaft W/CV Joint by Eurocardan is Standard Equipment 
- Wing Decks Feature Series 4 Eurocardan PTO Shafts as Standard Equipment
 - One Step Spindle Greasing Without Removing Shields
 - Four 13" High Flotation Tires Per Deck For Excellent Tracking and Minimum Compaction.
 - "No Tools Required" Belt Shield Removal - Standard Anti Scalping Rollers on Each Deck
 - Adjustable Carrier Frame Height Allows for Matching with Multiple Tire and Drawbar Height Combinations.
- Priced in crates - requires approx. 4 hours assembly - we can assemble for additional fee.

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